Psd for The Hunger Games by kahniss

Hey guys! This psd should look good on a lot of scenes but probably you’ll have to adjust the curves or selective color. Hope you like my psd, please like or reblog if you’re going to download and if you want you can tag me in the post where you use it cause I’d really like to see how it looks like. Thanks! :) ♥ DOWNLOAD LINK

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psds - can you only use them on photoshop? or can you use it on any editing site?

they’re photoshop files so yeah you can only use them in photoshop

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PSD 057 BY MIXSOUCERS. Feel free to adjust or delete some layers, but respect my work and Don’t redistribute or claim as your own, And like or reblog this post. Here you can find more psds, and here you can request a psd. Thank you and ENJOY!! {dl}

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PSD08 made by warpsds

  • if you take it please give like or reblog bc its important
  • download it here » cl
  • hope you like it ♥
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The Colours of Texturous
Here’s a variety of textures provided by the Texturous Team in celebration of 20k.
It contains:
  • 15 floral
  • 10 geometrics
  • 9 grunge
  • 9 marble
  • 15 nature
and each category has 5 different colours.
Please do not redistribute/reupload without proper credit.
Like/reblog if you downloaded :)
If on instagram, do credit @texturous by tagging us or #fromtexturous.
Thank you.
Download: mf | da
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6 of my favourite texture makers @Deviantart :

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As requested, here’s a list of my favourite fonts.

Assassin | Channel | Cheddar Jack | Dubiel | Feathergraphy | Intro | Loremipsum | Mademoiselle K | Manualito Flo | Nouvelle Vague | Onyx | Parchment | Prester John | RNS Camelia | Roboto | Rockwell | Sail | Shipped Goods | Signarita Zhai | Tommaso | Trajan Pro | TrashHand | Weston | Xenippa

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PSD 01 by shadowspsd
  • contains b/w option
  • like or reblog if you download, please
  • download (mf)
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Sharing some tips and techniques I learned from months of exploring Typography. 

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✗ FANDOMSPSDS #68 › download here › a simple psd made for photoshoots, especially those photos with a white background; adjust levels named ‘adjust’ if necessary;  contains vibrance;  should work on everything as long as you adjust layers; like or reblog if you download ; do not claim as your own.

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