✗ FANDOMSPSDS #42 › download here › a pastel psd for appearances, events and photoshoots; adjust levels if necessary;  contains vibrance (disable for a more colorful pastel effect);  should work on everything as long as you adjust layers; used with this action (version 1); like or reblog if you download ; do not claim as your own.
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my favorite free fonts:

giddyup std · uralita · sail · pacifico · ranger · grand hotel · komoda · lobster two · bellota · intro · all hail julia · helsinki · huruf miranti · fancypants · comic zine · blackout · lighthouse · cassannet

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k so this is a psd i recreated for my friend from this gifset. basically just keep in mind that it wont look perfect, you definitely, 300% have to change the curves and maybe the selective color. i guarantee you that you have to. i even had to do that for the examples. other than that i hope you enjoy it, please like or reblog if you download.

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step-by-step gif tutorial


i know there are a million gif tutorials out there already, but people have been asking me forever, so i decided to just make one anyway.

includes screencapping in KMPlayer, making the gif in photoshop, quick sharpening, and reducing file size for the kb limit.


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Graphic Tutorial #5


An anon asked how I made this graphic:

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766.psd by sistaroundpsds ||  So cool psds for you.  → download
please reblog/like  if download //  Don’t repost this post, plagiarises is a crime. 
↳ any questions/compliments/doubts? ask me

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Pack #06 by Mixsoucers {Styles pack}. This pack contains 15 styles made by me. You can use them to make edits, graphics, graphics psd, etc. Please Like or reblog if you download. And do not distribute or claim to your own. Enjoy!! {DL}

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template #03 BY DEMICOLORING

like or reblog if you download, ENJOY!!!!!

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psd077 morganpsds

This coloring was made for me, maybe you have adjust some layers. Like this post if you make download, that’s all i ask. Thank you! download here (cl

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download all files / all hail julia / birds of paradise / coneria script
dawning of a new day / janda stylish script / lavanderia / mad beef / mardian

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